Updates From the Farm

Building An Urban Barn

After weighing and bagging almost 6,000 pounds of produce through our basement last season, we needed to make a change. Not only did we have to carry every single pound of produce harvested downstairs for weighing, we also only had a very small 2-door cooler to keep...

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Dreams of future farms

Here is a glimpse of some of the before photos of future farm plot locations. We will be converting all of these locations to farmland in the next 60 days to a plethora of vegetable crops. Check them out:   Future Zucchini Forest: Carrots, Beans and Zucchini here:...

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The first seeded plot

I am happy to officially announce that we have our first urban farm plot seeded with a crop in the city of Lethbridge. Thank-you to my good friend for the use of his backyard for our farm. Up until this point, I really had no idea how hard or easy this was going to...

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