March 30th, 2015DCIM141GOPRO

Today was the first day that I really got down and dirty on the farm. After picking up the rototiller and getting it some fuel, I headed down to Jo’s place just off of downtown. After trying to turn in the sod with just using the rototiller and failing, I realized we were going to have to turn the sod in with shovels. After much digging and deliberation and help from my friend Tim, we got most of the garden dug in. After a short lunch break, it was back to work to finish digging and tilling of the ‘back 40’. By the end of the day, I am 80% done the job. Tomorrow morning I have to go turn in the rest of the sod and then haul in a few loads of manure.

DCIM141GOPROAfter finishing up in the Back 40, I headed next door to our other plot. The owners have gardened here a number of years in the past, but just don’t have the time to do it anymore. They were more than happy and excited for us to come in and take care of it for them. In this plot I plan to seed some spinach and cucumbers. I am very excited! I got this plot tilled in about 90 minutes. Now it just needs some manure as well and it will be good to go.

Tomorrow will be a day of more tilling and digging. I will be at some plots on the northside to prep for more spinach and some onion seeding.


Seeding spinach at a soil temperature of 5 degrees, you will get a 96% germination rate which is the highest possible germination DCIM141GOPROrate for any temperature. For onions, at 5 degrees you get 98% germination. Hello early spring scallions! Lettuce has 98% germination and 15 days to emergence at 5 degrees. At 10 degrees, the lettuce has the same germination rate and only 7 days to emergence. I think it is safe to say that we will have spinach, lettuce and some other choice crops ready early this year.

As long as this weather holds up, I should be able get at least 10,000 square feet of farmland into production this week. Judging the level of soreness in my body right now, I think it is safe to say I that I will be back into summer shape by the end of the week. Here’s to good weather and fun out on the farm. Stay tuned for video blog from today.