DCIM141GOPROI am happy to officially announce that we have our first urban farm plot seeded with a crop in the city of Lethbridge. Thank-you to my good friend for the use of his backyard for our farm. Up until this point, I really had no idea how hard or easy this was going to be. After two full days of straight digging and tilling I thought I had my work cut out for me. I was exhausted. What I realized after planting the spinach was that after the plots are prepped, the work is relatively easy. Load up some relatively light manure into your truck,  haul it to the plot and spread it out. Once that is complete, apply rock dust, till and then rake it level. Now you are ready to seed.

The next step is to load up your seeder with seeds, set your furrow depth and set your row spacer accordingly and off you go. I was amazed how quickly I could seed a bed of spinach; in no time at all I was done. Then came some mulching of aisles, seeding of clover, and putting up the fence. Lastly, I gave the whole plot a shot of water. Now I can mostly rest easy until the weeds come up. And from there I just count the days until harvest time. I think after the spinach I will have to do radishes.

DCIM141GOPROI really have to put a big shout out to my friend Tim. His help today hauling manure and overall assistance was instrumental to us getting a crop inthe ground. I couldn’t have done it without him. It takes a fair amount of work to convert yard to farm, but the payoff is amazing. The feeling I get looking at the seeded plot of land is like nothing else. I have been called to farmand I finally feel at peace with that. Now the rains can come and help my crop along. Time for me to do some more planning  and DCIM141GOPROprep work for the farm operation. It won’t be long now until we are in full operation. Stay tuned!