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We offer three tiers of service. If you are interested in premium service, please contact Josh ASAP as there are only 10 spots available.

We shovel once per day during a multiple day snowfall.


24-Hour Guaranteed
after the end of a snowfall.

No guarantee as to when we come within the 24-hour timeframe.

We don’t come out for less than 1/2 inch of snow unless by request.

There is a $10 – $20 additional charge for blowing less than 1/2 inch. Salting or ice chopping are billed out extra

deluxe service

24-Hour Guarantee.

We come out for light dustings less than 1/2 but has to be more than 1/8 of an inch with no additional charge.

Salting and ice chopping included in the price.

premium service

Priority Service before 9am.

Everything from the previous tiers. 

Only 10 spots available.

If it is a daytime snowfall that ends in the afternoon, Premium customers will have priority clearing before lower tier customers.

We also offer monthly packages and one-time service.
Please call or text for details.

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Please provide as much detail as possible for the most accurate quote. 


“Josh did the snow removal in the last September snow storm for us and he was fantastic! He came by twice and did the little extra parts that make it so much easier to get the cars out.”

Josh is reliable, friendly and wonderful to work with. He takes care of snow removal and keeping my home walk ways safe and clear of snow and ice. He often has the job done before I even think about it needing to be done! I would highly recommend him for your home or business.”


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I work hard to go over and above your expectations.

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but I try to always have a smile.


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Synergy Permaculture Inc. is a Lethbridge, Alberta based company that specializes in permaculture design, water management, green waste management, and urban farming.

Our mission is to rebuild soil and to reclaim degraded and unused urban land to vibrant perennial food forests and urban agriculture in the city of Lethbridge.

We believe that building community is the basis for a sustainable future and is achieved by creating synergies between food producers, businesses and consumers to properly manage green waste and to produce massive amounts of food in urban areas.

Passionate about educating residents of Lethbridge on how to create synergies in their lives, we offer workshops and farm tours within the city.

Synergy defined: the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.

PHOTO: Josh (owner/operator) and his son.



Lethbridge, Alberta

CALL OR TEXT JOSH: 403-332-0554